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With our new all-in-one currency converter you can now check live foreign exchange rates and transfer money internationally like never before. You are in control for your transfers and you currency rates. It’s the last currency app you’ll ever need.


  • Make international payments in minutes
  • Low customer fees, often none with competitive exchange rates
  • Track your payments at any stage
  • Global customer support 24/7
  • Security certified to ensure safety of your funds throughout transfer
  • Re-book money transfers again and again


  • Check real time foreign exchange rates 24/7
  • Compare historical charts on currency trends to find the best rate
  • Consume insightful commentary on global exchange rates from our expert Corporate Dealers
  • Setup personalised exchange rate alerts for any currency you want to watch

Technical Details

Languages JavaScript (ES6), TypeScript, Objectiv-C, Java
Libraries React Native, React Navigation, Redux, iOS SDK, Android SDK.
Tools Visual Sudio Code, XCode, Instruments, Android Studio.
My contribution

I was part of a scrum team of 3 developers, 1 UX and 1 QA and was responsible for creation of majority of the features in the react native app.

I played an active role in creation of few React Native bridge modules that added additional functionality to the new app. One of these modeles are published on github (react-native-biometric-authentication) and I'm a contributor to that repository

I was also responsible for maintenance of the legacy code base for existing native iOS (Objectiv-C) and native android (Java) apps.

Beta app

We launched a Beta app (open beta on Google play store and closed beta on Apple app store) in order to gather feedback and do refinements.

Beta app launch images

App Images