Eat To Live (RayWenderlich Game Jam Winner)

Play not one, but two characters in this infinite runner game where you are tasked with eating food while jumping over bugs. Lose one character and you will lose the game.

Challenging gameplay, but also very much fun and not too hard, a perfect causal game Joachim Baur

Click here for Ray Wenderlich Unity Feast Game Jam Winners announcement link

Play Online


Web GL Download Web GL version (unzip and open in firefox to play locally)
Windows Download Windows version (32bit/64bit)
Mac Download Mac version (64bit)


This is a Unity 3d powered game completely coded in C#. I worked on the whole project and sourced open sourced art assets to build this for a RayWenderlich unity feast game jam. Click here to find the game jam winners announcement link.

Technical Details

Languages C#
Libraries Unity 3d runtime, .Net 2.0, Unity GUI system.
Tools Unity 3d, Photoshop.
My contribution I was responsible for all the code that went into making the game.

Gameplay images