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Dance Star


This exergame encourages physical activity/exercise among children. The users interact with the game through a special device called 'Smart Floor' which detects human motion through several load cells.

Technical Details

Languages C#, HLSL
Libraries XNA, .Net.
Tools Visual studio 2008, 3dsMax, Photoshop.
My contribution I was responsible for animation system, asset pipeline, particle system and graphical user interface. Core system, lighting and interfacing with load balancing system was done by another programmer on the team.




This project was entirely developed from XNA framework and this descision was taken by the development team partly due to that fact that the load balancing and input mechanism code was purely based on and it was developed by another academic team at University of Sheffield Sports Engineering research team. So 'Dance Star' development team moved away from the framework such as OGRE 3D rendering engine which we were using thus far to complete couple of academic and commercial projects.

This project was developed for the exhibition 'Sports Lab' at Weston Park Museum in Sheffield with close collaboration between Sheffield Hallam University and Museums Sheffield. Here are few pictures taken at the opening day of the exhibit.

Crowd at the opening day

'Dance Star' project supervisor Professor Steve Haake

DanceStar interactive

DanceStar interactive

DanceStar interactive - Multiplayer mode

DanceStar interactive - Single player mode where the player always wins.

DanceStar interactive

DanceStar interactive

Images courtesy of Sheffield Hallam University and Museums Sheffield.